Windscreen repairs Cairns – got a crack in yours?

You’re in your car driving back to Cairns on the way from a weekend in the Tablelands. You’re rejuvenated after a relaxing getaway. Something drops onto your windscreen! Was is something from a tree or an insect? Do I have to call the mechanic? Either way it has caused some damage to your windscreen. Your windscreen glass now has a small crack! You’re wondering if this tiny crack can be ignored or if it will ruin the rest of the glass on your windscreen or worse – cause damage to your car! This is a common occurrence for Cairns car owners. Whether it’s in the form of cracks, chips, scratches or shattering of your auto glass, a windscreen replacement and repair service is a must.

Do I need to get my windscreen fixed?

It’s only a small chip in the glass…. I can hardly see it!

The simple answer is yes. A small crack in your auto glass windscreen can quickly become a big crack. This can become dangerous and could cause more damage to your car. It is important to repair or replace your automotive glass as soon as possible.

Where in Cairns can I get a quality windscreen & great service?

If you live in Cairns, the place to go for windscreen repair is Cairns Auto Worx. With just a phone call, they offer great service and a friendly smile! This is why we are highly recommended for your Car windscreen replacement service and chip repair.

  • We specialise in auto glass replacement.
  • We can work on all car types and models
  • You can call us for roadside assistance
  • We are conveniently located in Cairns CBD.
  • We offer a wide range of services for your car, not just windscreen replacement.
  • We can come to you and fix your auto glass windscreen at your house
  • We offer a quality windscreen service that you can trust
  • Cairns Auto Worx can provide service within 24 hours for most repairs
  • We can fix chips in the glass of your windscreen so that they don’t keep developing cracks

So don’t ignore that little crack or chip in your windscreen. By not getting it fixed as soon as possible, you may end up causing a bigger, more expensive problem! So come in and have a talk to Ilja or Randy at Cairns Auto Worx. Or if you prefer, give us a call on ph 0415 690 566. You can see for yourself the great service and friendly atmosphere at Cairns Auto Worx.


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