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Wet season is just around the corner here in Cairns and it’s never been more important to keep the tyres on your vehicle well maintained.  Keeping your car tyres in good condition is an important part of your regular car maintenance.  Driving with non-roadworthy tyres is both illegal and very dangerous especially in these wet conditions!  Here are 5 great tips on car tyre maintenance so that you and your family can drive wisely and safely.

1.  Tyre tread

The tread on your tyres is important because it helps remove water between the tyre and the road, helping the car to remain in control in wet conditions.  Not having enough tread on your tyres can reduce your grip on the road, especially during the wet weather and result in accidents.  With the heavy rain around Cairns in the Wet season, it has never been more important to get your tyre tread checked.

2. Tyre pressure

It is important to ensure that your car tyres are at the right pressure.  Tyres at the wrong pressure can make driving very dangerous and you can lose control of your car easily.    Not only is tyre pressure important for safety, correct tyre pressure also makes for greater fuel efficiency.  The pressure of your tyres can drop easily through small punctures and daily wear and tear, so you should really check your tyre pressure every month.

3. Tyre rotation

Wheel balance is so important and your tyres should be rotated from one position to another to ensure even wear and tear.  Front car tyres tend to wear quicker as they carry more weight, so rotating them will extend their life.

4. Wheel alignment

Do you ever feel the car pull to one direction when you drive? If you feel like there’s anything strange going on with your cars handling, get the alignment of your wheels checked. The wheel alignment on your car can be disturbed if your tyre hits something like a rock or pavement. If the alignment of your wheels is out, the safety and efficiency of your vehicle can be compromised!

5. Tyre replacement

If you are unsure about how safe your tyres are, come see us at Cairns Auto Work before Wet season kicks in.  We are experts when it comes to car tyres replacement.  We sell a wide range of new and used tyres for all cars and all purposes!

Cairns Auto Worx is conveniently located in Cairns and supplies a wide range of tyre brands.  We have all the equipment to fit and balance your car tyres, we are always here to offer you expert advice. We also do puncture repairs, tyre rotations and alignment of wheels.  If you are uncertain as to whether your car tyres are up to scratch, bring them in and let us take a look.  While you’re here, we can even give your vehicle a service!

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