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Regular servicing is essential for maintaining your car in good working order and ensuring your safety on the road. We at Cairns Auto Worx take great pride in providing one of the best log book services around Cairns at competitive pricing.

Servicing your car includes a lot more than just an oil change and tension check of the tyres, we know this better than anyone, therefore, we created a thorough checklist guided by the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations, to identify any of the faults that your car may be developing.

Cairns Auto Worx log book service includes:

  • Engine and drive line check
  • Check of fluid conditions and top up if necessary
  • Battery and charging system test
  • Brake stress test
  • Suspension and steering check
  • Check for any rust or corrosion
  • Tyres condition and tension
  • Lubricating all moving parts
  • Wiper blade replacement if necessary

A log book contains all the information for your car service requirements for the first 200 000km. It helps us to know what may needs attention at which time.

All log book servicing and mechanical repairs are performed by qualified Cairns car mechanics, so getting your vehicle serviced with us will not void the warranty of your car. If you are unsure about your warranty or log book servicing, don’t hesitate to contact us or make an appointment to come by our workshop and service centre. We will check your log book and service history and let you know exactly what your car or commercial vehicle needs.

As part of our customer service, we also offer a complimentary drop off and pick up arrangement into town for your convenience.


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Logbook Car Service – Mechanics Cairns


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