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Automotive air conditioning system cairns

Everyone that lives in Cairns and the Far North Queensland appreciates a properly functioning automotive airconditioning system Cairns. It is vital when it comes to comfort and keeping you cool while driving in your car for just an hour to the supermarket or for a few days through the outback.

At Cairns Auto Worx we take care of you when it comes to automotive air conditioning because we are licensed and experienced to work on your automotive A/C system and service it with your comfort in mind. We can replace all the components of your automotive air conditioning system such as evaporators, compressors, TX valves and dryers from any car on the market!

Because we want you to have the best value for money, we use only the most recommended refrigerant gas for automotive applications which is R134a refrigerant gas!

Get the best value in Cairns with our re-gas special:

Firstly, our qualified auto mechanic in Cairns will do a full system check, inspecting for leaks and ensuring any gas lost is within the accepted 10-20 grams per year. Note: This step is mandatory, it is poor practice and against the law to re-gas any automotive air conditioning system with a known leak!

Next, we will vacuum your auto air conditioning system to get rid of any moisture that may have developed in the auto air conditioning system. Removing the moisture ensures the system is safe from corrosion and keeps it in a good condition for years to come.

As a final step we recharge your system in Cairns with oil and the recommended R134a refrigerant gas. The refrigerant always comes with a dye, this enables us to check more easily for leaks, in the event you have a problem with your car airconditioning again in the future.

At Cairns Auto Worx we offer a complimentary drop off and pick up service into town for your convenience. Contact us today for a free quote or to make an appointment.


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Automotive Airconditioning


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