Automatic/Manual Transmissions & Clutches

The transmission is a vital part of your car and insures the transition of power from the engine to the tyres on the road. Servicing your transmission is crucial to performance and reliability.

A lot of people forget to service their transmission or manual gearbox regularly which can be very expensive.

We at Cairns Auto Worx recommend to always service the manual gearbox or automatic transmission to manufacturers specifications to ensure the longevity and performance of your vehicle.

If you are unsure if you need a service on your transmission or gearbox we are here to help. Just come into the workshop and we will check that everything is in good order.

If your car doesn’t pull as hard any more when you let go off the clutch pedal or you have trouble getting it into gear you could have problems with your clutch. We can check your system to make sure your clutch works fine.

Firstly we will determine if the problem lies in the hydraulic system of your clutch which transitions your foot pushing the pedal to the clutch disengaging and enabling you to shift a gear or if there is a problem with the clutch itself under the bell housing of your gearbox.

When we replace a clutch we always machine the flywheel to provide the new clutch plate with a clear surface for best performance possible.

We also replace throw-out bearing and spicket bearing if applicable.

To make sure that there is no problem with oil in your bell housing we also replace the rear main seal of the engine while the flywheel is off.

We also service your gearbox while we replace your clutch and replace the output seal on it and the sump gasket on your gearbox if necessary to make sure everything stays dry under the car and you don’t get any oil leaks from your gearbox.


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Automatic/Manual Transmissions & Clutches


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