Cairns Mechanics help you prepare your car for wet season

With Cairns wet season just around the corner, now is the time to start getting your car prepared. No doubt, we will be in for some torrential rain, humidity, high temperatures and maybe even a cyclone!  Its enough to make you want to pack your bags and spend wet season somewhere else!  However, like most Cairns locals, you will probably tough it out through wet season…. But why not make it easier on yourself and get prepared?  Preparation is the key to storm safety!

Good preparation is the best defence against the worst that wet season has to throw at you.  Now is the time to take your car in for a service with our qualified mechanics in Cairns.  Get everything checked, from tyres, to glass windscreens, and of course the ever important air conditioner!

Ensuring your car has a regular service in Cairns and is running smoothly can save you from the stress of a preventable breakdown!


Check that all of your lights are working.  Turning your light on during heavy rain can make you more visible to other cars so it is important that they work!

Glass Windscreens

Get the glass on your windscreen checked.  It should be free from chips and cracks which can interfere with your vision and worsen over time.  What can often start off as a small chip or crack in the glass can very quickly develop into a serious problem.  Save yourself the stress and get it checked before this happens. Make sure you also check your windscreen wiper blades.  They will need to cope with heavy, torrential rain in a few months so they need to be in good condition. Double check that the demisters in your car are working.  You don’t want to have to deal with fogged up glass when there is a heavy downpour!

Brakes and Tyres

Make sure you have your brakes serviced and brake pads changed or machined if necessary. Check your tyre pressure and make sure there’s sufficient tread for good road contact and grip.  Most importantly, don’t speed and take it slowly when there is heavy rain!

If it’s flooded, forget it!

This seems pretty straightforward, yet there are still people that get stranded in flood water.  Even if the flood water looks shallow, it may still not be safe.  Flood waters can quickly rise and there can also be currents involved.

Driving in heavy rain

If you’re driving in heavy rain, take it slowly as the roads can get very slippery. Avoid rapid acceleration or braking which can cause you to skid.

Trees and other hazards

Don’t park your car under a tree during a storm.  Tree’s and branches can cause a lot of damage to cars such as damage to the glass windscreen, paint or body.

Cairns Auto Worx can help get your car prepared for the wet season.  Our highly trained, friendly team can give your car a full service and we also do windscreen repair and replacements. Our services centre is conveniently located within the Cairns CBD and we offer a great customer service that you can trust.  Contact us today for all your windscreen replacement, repairs and servicing needs.

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