Mechanics in Cairns can help prepare your car for sale

Are you thinking about selling your car? Maybe you’re looking to upgrade to something bigger or newer. Or perhaps you are just moving elsewhere so no longer need your car. I’m sure you would like to sell your car at the highest possible price. Like most people, you also want to see it sell quickly and without having to spend too much money on repairs!

Some tips for getting your car ready for sale…

  • Detailing.  Consider having your car professionally detailed.
  • Check your car’s service history.  Providing a service history to the buyer will show that your car has been well looked after and maintained by a trustworthy auto repairer.  If it’s nearly due for a service or repairs, it would be a good idea to get it done before you sell it.
  • Obtain a current roadworthy certificate.  In QLD it is a requirement to have a roadworthy certificate before selling your car.   You can get this done at most mechanics.  If you’re in Cairns, I would recommend Cairns Auto Worx for your roadworthy certificate. Cairns Auto Worx are conveniently located in the CBD. They are renowned in Cairns for their great service! A roadworthy check will usually involve checking for any chips and cracks on the glass window and windscreen. Conveniently, Cairns Auto Work can also do all glass windscreen repairs and replacement.  They are even able to do most glass windscreen repairs at your place. They can also service all car makes and models. So give Cairns Auto Worx a call for all your glass windscreen needs!
  • If your vehicle has gas fuel systems or other gas systems, you will need to get a gas certificate from an authorised gas installer.

Advertising your car

Once you have ensured that your car is in good condition and ready to sell, advertising becomes important.

  • Gumtree is my place of choice.  It’s free to use and gets a lot of traffic.
  • I would also recommend putting a sign in the car window so that people can see it when they drive past. The back windscreen is a great place to put up a sale sign, or even stick it on a window. Now all you need to do is sit back and wait for that first call!

When it comes to presentation of your car, the glass windscreen plays an important part. It is important to repair any chips or cracks in the car windscreen before sale. If the damage is too severe, the windscreen may require replacement. Not only is windscreen repair important for presentation of the car, it is also an important safety feature. This is why we recommend all repairs are conducted before sale of your vehicle.

If your car requires glass windscreen replacement or repair, Cairns Auto Worx can help. They are a family-owned and operated business that does easy and convenient glass windscreen repairs and replacement in all Cairns areas.  With years of industry experience in mechanical repairs and glass repair, Ilja, Randy and their team have earned the reputation of being trusted and reliable automotive glass repair and replacement experts.   They can do most of the glass repairs of windscreens at your place. They can do glass windscreen replacement and repair on any car! If you like, they can also give your car a full service while you’re there! Contact Cairns Auto Worx for great customer service you can trust!

Ilja: 0415 690 566
Randy: 0432 284 886


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