How safe is my car?

If you’re like me and you have a family, you want to make sure they are kept safe on the road. They are after all very precious cargo. There are so many things to consider when looking into the safety of your vehicle. Firstly, what type of car do you drive? What safety features does it offer? You need to consider air bags, seat belts, stability control, lights, tyres, breaks, child restraints, the list goes on. Making sure your vehicle gets a regular service is another factor to keep in mind. The important safety feature that I want to talk about today is glass windscreens. Windscreens are often overlooked as a safety feature and yet they play a vital role in road safety.

How does my windscreen protect me?

Windscreens are often overlooked as an important safety feature. The glass of your windscreen acts as a safety blanket, keeping the driver in the vehicle. It also adds strength to the structure of your vehicle. Because of this, it is important to maintain your glass windscreen. Make sure any damage to the glass of your windscreen is repaired and when it cannot be repaired, consider replacement. A small crack or chip in the glass can quickly become dangerous. Not only can it affect the strength of the glass, it can also affect visibility for the driver.

Where can I get my Windscreen fixed?

If you live in Cairns, I would recommend Cairns Auto Worx. They are conveniently located in the cairns CBD. They can fix any windscreen on any car! You can even call them and they will come out to you and do the repairs at your place! They offer a same day service for most glass windscreen repairs and maintenance. If the damage is too severe, they can also do windscreen glass replacement. They specialise in repairs and replacement of windscreens but also offer a range of other car services as well. So if your windscreens damaged and in need of repairs don’t hesitate to give Cairns Auto Worx a call. And remember they can also do windscreen glass replacement. They offer a great, friendly service that you can trust and they get it right the first time! The safety of your car is their priority and they don’t compromise on quality.

So remember to keep windscreens in mind when doing a safety check. If you’re not sure if a small chip or crack in the glass needs repair, give Cairns Auto Worx a call and they can offer you some great advice. You can experience their great service for yourself!

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