Icy Cold Car Aircon with your Cairns Mechanics

Want to feel icy cold this summer? It’s getting hotter in Cairns with not only temperatures and humidity high, but many realising their car air conditioning isn’t quite as cold as they remember. Our qualified mechanics are also licensed with the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC). This means our mechanics are trained experts with automotive air-conditioning.


Car Air Conditioning Services at Cairns Auto Worx for North Queensland

Often your car air-conditioning could have a minor issue, such as needing a simple regas. Cairns Auto Worx servicing North Queensland completes aircon regassing for you, so you can enjoy fresh, cold air while you spend time travelling this summer. We’ve specialised and trained in this service.

We also provide a service to check the complete state of your car air-conditioning to ensure that the correct issue has been resolved. We check the cooling and overall operation for leaks and the system pressure. Hoses and components need to be checked for leaks or damage and the air-conditioner’s in-cabin effectiveness needs to be checked.

What happens when my car gets the Aircon Regassed?

Since 2005, the Australian Government made it illegal to dispose of air conditioning refrigerant without a licence. Only licensed mechanics are allowed to collect and dispose of car aircon refrigerant. As licensed car air-conditioning specialists in North Queensland, initially we check for any leaks before proceeding with regassing the aircon in your car.
Our qualified automotive air-conditioning mechanics complete a full system check ensuring any gas lost is within the accepted 10-20 grams per year. This is mandatory, it’s against the law to re-gas any automotive air conditioning with a known leak.

Your auto air conditioning system is then vacuumed to get rid of any moisture. This keeps it safe from corrosion. Our final step is to recharge your system with oil and the recommended R134a refrigerant gas. This gas comes with a dye, making it easier to check for leaks.

What next?

To make a booking, simply call or book with us online. Our workshop in Cairns is easily accessible, making it quick to have one of our specialised mechanics look at your car air-conditioning.

We also offer a full range of services including vehicle servicing, mechanical repairs.

At Cairns Auto Worx we try to make it as easy for you as possible and have customers visiting our workshop from all over North Queensland.

Our goal is to keep your commercial vehicle or car running smoothly at all times!


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