Mechanic in Cairns says ‘Don’t gamble with your engine!’

Looking after and maintaining your car is easy with Cairns Auto Worx.  Centrally located in Cairns, approachable qualified mechanics and even payment plan options for eligible repairs and customers, are all just some of the reasons why so many people choose us for servicing their cars.

Why would servicing your older car be at least as important as new car servicing?


We’d like to discuss one recent customer we had in our mechanic workshop this year in Cairns.  We’ll call her Nicole.

Nicole had a Toyota Camry, 2007, and she hadn’t had the vehicle’s log book service completed for over 5 years.  She wasn’t having any issues that she was aware of when booking her cars log book service in with us, but she did decide she should finally get it completed as it had been a significant time.  Luckily for Nicole, she had her car serviced before anything truly major happened because we discovered the following:


  • The oil was extremely dirty
  • Lots of build up of carbon in the engine which slowly destroys the engine over time
  • Brakes were worn out both at the front and rear
  • The brake rotors were damaged because they weren’t replaced in time
  • Shock absorbers broken
  • Transmission oil dirty
  • Brake fluid contaminated

What happened next?

Luckily we could save the car.  Here at Cairns Auto Worx we had to remove the tappet cover gasket and clean as much carbon off as we could.  Our qualified car mechanics flushed the engine a couple of times, also replacing the brake pads. Our mechanics replaced the rotors as they weren’t machinable anymore, they replaced the shock absorbers and all fluids in the vehicle had to be replaced.

Repairs to this extent could have been avoided if the vehicle had been brought in at least once a year.  At the end of the day the customer’s safety and mechanical condition of the car had been compromised.

When should I get my car service completed?

Ideally each vehicle should have Logbook Servicing completed every 10,000km or every 6 months, whichever comes first.  Manufacturer’s specifications will state which logbook service inclusions are required as it will vary depending on the vehicle’s make and model.  New car servicing can also be completed at Cairns Auto Worx with guaranteed parts, ensuring you keep your new car warranty.

To secure the best service for your car or you’re unsure about your warranty or log book service, contact us or make an appointment to come into our workshop near the centre of Cairns.  Contact us today at Cairns Auto Worx on ph 0415 690 566 if you need an auto electrician in Cairns, or any help with your car, we’d love to help!



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