Mechanics in Cairns know about windscreen repairs/replacement

1. You can save money by getting a windscreen chip or crack repaired

If you get a crack or a chip in your windscreen, it is always better to have the glass windscreen repaired promptly.  If you leave it and wait, you may have to have the windscreen replaced, which will be more expensive!  If you have comprehensive car insurance with glass repair and replacement cover, you can usually recover the cost of the service from your insurer.

2. Don’t wait to get a windscreen chip repaired

If a chip or crack in your windscreen is left untreated, it will usually always develop into a long crack!  Unfortunately, a long crack can’t be repaired and so you will end up having to pay for glass windscreen replacement.  If, however, the damage is caught early enough, the glass can be fixed through a very straight forward process of injecting acrylic resin directly into the damaged glass, then curing the resin under a high frequency ultraviolet lamp.

3. A chip in your windscreen doesn’t always mean that you have to replace the windscreen

Chips and cracks in the windscreen of your car are quite common.  Quite often, the crack or chip can look worse than it actually is!  Get an expert to have a look at it and don’t presume that the glass needs replacing.

4.  Repairing a chip is not a waste of time

Getting a chip in your car windscreen repaired will save you both time and money!  Typically, you can have your windscreen repaired in about half an hour and then you can drive your car straight away.  However, if you leave the chip untreated and you end up needing a windscreen replacement, you will need to allow more time for the windscreen replacement and then also allow 2-3 hours to wait for the car to be safe to drive!

5. A repaired chip will NEVER be totally invisible

Unfortunately, a repaired chip or crack will never be totally invisible.  The visibility of the crack or chip in the windscreen depends on how much dirt has entered the damaged area.

6. Damage within the Critical Vision Area (CVA) of the windscreen can not legally be repaired.

The CVA is the legally defined area of vision on the drivers side of the windscreen.

7. Not all chips and cracks can be repaired.

In some cases there is a risk that a repaired chip or crack can continue to run or spread

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