Mechanics in Cairns share 5 Top Causes of Windscreen Damage

Nothing ruins your day quite like getting a chip or crack in your windscreen!  Most people have experienced this at some stage in their lives. It can happen when you least expect it, but most likely to occur when you are driving on uneven surfaces such as dirt roads.  Sometimes it can happen when a car or truck drives past you, causing stones or debris to flick up and hit your windscreen. 

There are times when you won’t even see it happen, but you will just hear a ‘pop’ sound.  It’s a sinking feeling when you realise that you have just sustained damage to your glass. At Cairns Auto Worx, we understand the frustration that comes with getting a chip or crack in your windscreen. 

We offer great, friendly, reliable service that you can count on.  And if you can’t make it our to us, we’ll come out to you!

Here are the most common causes of windscreen damage:

1. Accident

Most car accidents end up causing significant damage to the car windscreen and windows.  If the accident is not too severe, it may just be a small crack or chip that we can repair for you. 

Or in other cases, the glass may be completely smashed and will therefore need a full replacement!

2. Theft

If someone has attempted to break into your car and tampered with your windscreen, there’s a good chance that the strength of the glass has been weakened and is prone to cracking. 

While some thieves will just smash a window or windscreen, others will gently try to loosen the glass to gain access to the vehicle.

3. Weather

Extreme weather is a common cause of windscreen damage.  In Cairns, our cyclone season has just begun and we are likely to see plenty of heavy rain and strong winds. 

This can cause debris or tree branches to blow around and damage glass on your car. In colder climates, hail is a common cause of windscreen damage.

4. Rocks or other debris

At any time when you are driving, stones or debris can fly up from the ground and hit your windscreen causing damage. 

Usually it is just a small chip or crack that we can repair. However if it is left untreated, a small chip or crack can eventually become a big crack!

5. Change in Temperature

Glass can actually expand and shrink with extreme temperature changes.  While this is unlikely to cause any damage initially, over time windscreens can weaken when exposed to extreme temperatures repeatedly. 

In a weakened state, the glass is more likely to sustain damage!

If you have noticed damage to your windscreen, contact our car mechanics at Cairns Auto Worx.  A small chip or crack in your windscreen can quickly become a bigger crack if left untreated. 

It is always best to repair a small chip or crack quickly to prevent further damage to the windscreen which can sometimes lead to a full glass replacement.  Cairns Auto Worx offer a reliable customer service that you can trust.

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