Cairns Mechanics – 4 Ways to Prevent Big Car Expenses

Here in Far North QLD, we face some tough driving conditions! Therefore, keeping your car maintained and having regular safety checks has never been more important!  Putting off repairs that you think are minor and unimportant can very quickly become a big problem! What may begin as a little window chip can eventually turn into a big problem if not fixed promptly.  When it comes to car maintenance, prevention is always the best approach.  Regular maintenance of your car and promptly fixing small problems are important steps in owning a car that is both safe to drive and inexpensive to run!

1. Chips and Cracks in your windscreen

At Cairns Auto Worx, we see and hear it all the time as we clean up the shattered glass….

‘I thought the windscreen would be alright for a little while longer’ or

‘It really didn’t look like that big of a crack’.

The danger in leaving a car windscreen with a crack or a chip in it is that it can potentially break at any time! A car windscreen shattering at 80km an hour is a very dangerous position to be in. So don’t put off getting that chip or crack in your car window repaired. See us at Cairns Auto Worx.  You will be surprised at how inexpensive it is to have a windscreen chip or crack repair!  We always aim to repair the original windscreen, which will save you money.  However, there are times when a complete windscreen replacement is needed.  We can help you either way with our prompt, efficient and friendly customer service and competitive pricing.

2. Replacing Window Wipers

We have all put off replacing windscreen wipers at some stage.  It may not seem like a big deal, but those worn windscreen wipers are potentially ruining your windscreen. If the metal rubs on the glass of your windscreen, your windscreen is getting scratched. Scratched glass can potentially be disastrous.  If you get a scratch on your windscreen, it can very quickly become a very big issue.  So for the sake of a few dollars, replace those windscreen wipers and avoid a scratch on the glass of your windscreen.

3. Worn Tyres

This may seem like an obvious one, but many people put this off until it becomes too late. This is always a safety concern, but with the Wet Season here in Cairns, tyres can really quickly become twice as dangerous if they are bald. Contact us at Cairns Auto Worx to check your tyres and see if you do need replacement.

4. Putting off that Car Service

Have you ever actually wondered what we do during a car service?  If you have, you are not alone!  Very simply, regular servicing is essential for maintaining your car in good working order and ensuring your safety on the road.  A car service is very important, and if you do it regularly, you will save yourself a lot of repairs in the future.  Car servicing at Cairns Auto Worx includes:

  • Engine and driveline check
  • Check of fluid conditions and top up if necessary
  • Battery and charging system test
  • Brake stress test
  • Suspension and steering check
  • Check for any rust or corrosion
  • Tyres condition and tension
  • Lubricating all moving parts,
  • Wiper blade replacement, if necessary

A small repair now will save you big dollars in the future. It’s not just the money you will save,  a service is basically a safety check for your car!

At Cairns Auto Work, we want to help you keep your car well-maintained, keeping it as safe and as inexpensive as possible. So come in and get that car service you have been putting off or that replacement windscreen wiper that is making a noise.  Here at Cairns Auto Worx, we can cater for all your car maintenance needs, from broken Windscreens, car service, car repairs or auto electrical.  Cairns Auto Worx, your mechanic in Cairns, is a proud QLD company so call us  on 0415 690 566 (Ilja) or 0432 284 886 (Randy) or email


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