4 Ways to Prevent Big Car Expenses!

Here in Far North QLD, we face some tough driving conditions! Therefore, keeping your car maintained and having regular safety checks has never been more important!  Putting off repairs that you think are minor and unimportant can very quickly become a big problem! What may begin as a little window chip can eventually turn into […]

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5 Top Causes of Windscreen Damage

Nothing ruins your day quite like getting a chip or crack in your windscreen!  Most people have experienced this at some stage in their lives. It can happen when you least expect it, but most likely to occur when you are driving on uneven surfaces such as dirt roads.  Sometimes it can happen when a […]

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Windscreen Repair or Replacement?

Chips in your car windscreen can cause a lot of frustration, as it can happen anywhere and at anytime. If left untreated, these chips can quickly turn into cracks which could result in the need for windscreen replacement. At Cairns Auto Worx, we aim to provide the best service while ensuring your vehicle faces minimal […]

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7 things you need to know about windscreen repairs/replacement

1. You can save money by getting a windscreen chip or crack repaired If you get a crack or a chip in your windscreen, it is always better to have the glass windscreen repaired promptly.  If you leave it and wait, you may have to have the windscreen replaced, which will be more expensive!  If […]

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Prepare your car for the wet season

With Cairns wet season just around the corner, now is the time to start getting your car prepared. No doubt, we will be in for some torrential rain, humidity, high temperatures and maybe even a cyclone!  Its enough to make you want to pack your bags and spend wet season somewhere else!  However, like most […]

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How to prepare your car for sale

Are you thinking about selling your car? Maybe you’re looking to upgrade to something bigger or newer. Or perhaps you are just moving elsewhere so no longer need your car. I’m sure you would like to sell your car at the highest possible price. Like most people, you also want to see it sell quickly […]

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How safe is my car?

If you’re like me and you have a family, you want to make sure they are kept safe on the road. They are after all very precious cargo. There are so many things to consider when looking into the safety of your vehicle. Firstly, what type of car do you drive? What safety features does […]

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What to do if you get a crack in your car windscreen

You’re in your car driving back to Cairns on the way back from a weekend in the Tablelands. You’re rejuvenated and relaxed after a relaxing getaway. Something drops onto your windscreen! Was is something from a tree or an a insect? Do I have to call the mechanic? Either way it has caused some damage […]

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Keep Your Cool In FNQ With Automotive AirConditioning Cairns

The team at Automotive Airconditioning Cairns understand that, those of us living in Cairns and far north Queensland depend on reliable airconditioning in our homes and our vehicles. Our vehicles play a very important part in our everyday lives in Cairns as many of us do not have access to public transport and rely on […]

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